Lose Inches Instantly


Our deep hydrating treatments help prevent cellulite and sagging skin, and our exfoliations speed up cell regeneration. Regain your youthful smooth and silky skin with our nourishing and rebalancing body treatments.


Exotic Body Treatments, Exfoliation and Wraps

Firming & Toning Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. The infusion of pure Vitamin C restores tone, elasticity and firmness to your body’s most stubborn areas. We finish off your treatment with a light massage using our Vitamin C Body Firming Cream. We recommend this treatment in series, scheduled at weekly intervals.

  • Half body $95.00
  • Full body $120.00

Seaweed Detoxification Treatment

This superior skin conditioning program leaves your skin smooth and soft. The seaweed mask is mixed with natural sea mud rich in minerals such as marine salts, natural clay, silica, sodium, magnesium and potassium. This relaxing and detoxifying treatment will give you complete body rejuvenation.

  • Half Body $95.00
  • Full Body $120.00

Seaweed Sugar Scrub $50.00

– ½ Hour
Gentle sugar and seaweed crystals effectively exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Feel the richness of the sugar and the ultra light soybean oil remove layers of dead skin, exposing new and invigorated skin. We end the treatment with a full body application of our body moisturizer. The scrub will not dry or irritate your skin.

Aromatic Body $150.00

A natural treatment with essential oils, clay, sugar cane and kiwi extract.

Contouring Treatment: The triple effect of the stimulating actions of essential oils, the anti-water retention action of the sauna mask and the detoxifying effect of clay will leave your silhouette finer and make you feel immediately lighter.

Softening Treatment: Our skin renewing scrub is made of sugar cane and kiwi extract, giving you smooth, silky skin.

Soothing Treatment: Enjoy a relaxing, energizing Guinot massage with essential oils. You’ll experience an instant feeling of well-being and serenity under the expert care of your beauty therapist.

Body Renewal Glycolic Wrap $50.00

– ½ Hour
Revive your skin with this alpha and beta hydroxy acid cocktail. Receive a soothing application on your entire body, which gently removes the dead layers of your skin. We then apply a body moisturizer that is rich in nutrients and vitamins. The result is the softest skin you’ve ever felt on your body, period.